Monday, March 6, 2017

Project Congo, Goma Congo.

February 25 - March 5/17 found James in Goma Congo. This was his 5th visit to Congo; second with Project Congo.
After landing in Rwanda and spending the night in Kigali (capital), James and the 2 gals that he traveled with headed to Goma Congo by road.

It is a 3 hour ride through Rwanda, and the country side is quite beautiful. 

It was raining quite heavily during the trip across the border. Here James was able to snap a picture of a cyclist 'hitching' a ride on the back of a transport truck going uphill.

Once across the border into Congo, 2 of the 4 boxes that accompanied James were detained at Customs for 2.5 days. James was able to unpack in the lab what he had on hand. The lab was small but very workable.

Once the boxes were released, training began. Since training time was limited to 1.5 days, the days were long and intense for the lab staff. James was very impressed with their comprehension, and understanding of the French while being taught.

 Once the final hours of training were complete, certificates were given out to the very tired, but appreciative lab staff.

Bags packed and waiting for the next adventure. 

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