Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Galmi Hospital, Niger, West Africa.

James made it back to Kalamazoo, Michigan safe and sound yesterday afternoon from Niger, West Africa. 
James was back at Galmi Hospital to help install the PAACS software (Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons). PAACS is part of WWLSS (WorldWideLAB Software Solutions).
Galmi is James 2nd home, having served as the Lab Facilitator at Galmi from 1999-2010. It was an encouraging trip for him.
After the PAACS server 'vacationed' in Paris for a few extra days it finally arrived in Niamey, Niger where it cleared Customs with no problems. It made its way to Galmi by road 3 days after James, and was installed and surgeons trained by the end of the week. The above picture is of Joe Starke (PAACS Program Director), and Yacoubou Sanoussi (Assistant Program Director) with James after training was complete.

While at Galmi, James was also able to get back into the lab. The 'guys' were thrilled to see him. There were a few machines that needed repair that had been down for awhile, and James was able to get them back up and running.  (The chocolate bars were also a great hit!).

Travel in-country is always a challenge. There is only one main paved road from West - East Niger, and that is filled with pot holes...or no road at some sections. James was able to fly SIMair out to Galmi. The pilots of SIMair continue to be good friends of the Borodys, and it was an extra special blessing for James to get to spend some time in the air with them. This picture is taken on the airstrip at Galmi, Niger.

We do thank you, our faithful friends and supporters of WWLAB for your ongoing prayers for the work of WWLAB. Your faithfulness in prayer, encouragement and support are a tremendous blessing not only to us, but to many, many all around the world.
Prayer is the Work!

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