Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DRC - Democratic Republic of Congo

James Borody returned last week from the DRC, where he was able to visit 3 labs. The first lab PAX (Polyclinique), was in Kananga (500+ kilometers from the capital, Kinshasa). At PAX, James was able to unpack boxes that had been sent over a year ago.

Here are a few 'before' and 'after' shots.

New benches.

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Training of the lab staff at PAX on the new instrumentation.

Certificates being given after the training is complete.

After James was finished at PAX, he then was able to get to Hopital du Bon Berger in Tshikaji, DRC.

At HBB, James unpacked and tested some minor equipment that they ordered (centrifuges, microscopes, etc).

Blood being drawn at the lab at HBB.

James final stop was back in Kinshasa, DRC at Bon Berger Clinique (not to be confused with Hopital Bon Berger :).
This was his second trip to this clinic, and he was warmly welcomed by lab and hospital staff. While at BBC, James was able to help with some instrument problems. BBC had gone through some staff changes since his last visit and they needed some assistance with tests. James was able to help with a kidney function test that had not been able to be done before his visit. While there, a patient had this test done, and it was a great help! Before the test, the doctors were thinking in a wrong direction, after the test was done, a proper diagnosis was given and the patient was able to receive appropriate treatment.

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