Monday, February 1, 2016

Clinique Olivia, Niamey Niger West Africa.

Clinique Olivia, Niamey Niger. 

January 15, 2016 found James and Cindy Borody bound for Niamey, Niger once again. Niger is very familiar to the Borodys having served from 1999-2010 at Galmi Hospital, Galmi Niger. 
This trip would keep them in the capital Niamey for 10 days working alongside Clinique Olivia (in partnership with the EERN Church, and SIM Canada). 

The Director of Clinique Olivia is *Y*. James knew *Y* as a young boy singing in the Youth Choir in Galmi. What a delight it was for James to work alongside this young man who has a heart for the people of Niger. 

Training was delayed for 3 days, while bags remained in Paris for an extended 'holiday'. In May 2015, James did an upgrade at the CURE hospital in Niamey. He was able to borrow some reagents from CURE to start *R* with her training. 
Once the bags made their way to Niamey (5 days later), training was in 'full swing'. *R* was an enthusiastic learner! She learned the new equipment very quickly. 

The last evening at Clinique Olivia, a 'fete' (party) was given for James, and certificates were given to *R*. This is a very proud moment in African culture. 

Many speeches and words of appreciation were given, and James was presented with a beautiful plaque for his contribution to Clinique Olivia. 

One of the many highlights of this trip for the Borodys was meeting 2 Pastors who had lost everything to the fires of last year. They both lost their homes and churches. God is Faithful, it was so encouraging to see how the Family of God from around the world has come together to help rebuild these homes and places of worship. 

While James was busy at the Clinique, Cindy had the opportunity to visit 7 national schools in the Niamey area. 6 of these schools had also sustained great damage from the fires. How rewarding and humbling it was for her to sit and talk with many of the teachers. Their stories will stay with her for a very long time. 

We thank you for your many prayers for the work of World Wide Lab. You prayers reach far and wide, and have such an impact on the nations!  

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