Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Africa Mercy Ship

John recently returned from a week on board the Africa Mercy ship which is in port at Pointe Noir, Congo.
We thank you for your prayers for John as he traveled and for his 'missing' baggage!
John was able to be reunited with his missing bag 30 minutes before he boarded his RETURN flight to the States. As John went through his bag, he soon realized that there were a few items missing. His cell phone, and camera. He was very thankful to find all of his tools still in his bag. He has been accumulating these tools for many years, and to have them taken would have been a huge loss.
We do have some pictures on file of the Africa Mercy Ship that John took on a previous trip, so we will share those with you on this post.

John was able to get quite a bit of work done in the lab to get it ready to start receiving patients. The ship is well equipped, and staffed.

We at WWLAB like to give John a hard time when he does these trips with Africa Mercy. John enjoys his coffee, and onboard the ship there is a favorite coffe joint that he likes to frequent!

All kidding aside, we are thankful that this trip was successful, and God showed His mercy to all involved.

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