Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Real Hope for Haiti

March 20/17 James flew out of Kalamazoo Michigan to Cazale Haiti to install and train at Real Hope for Haiti. This was a brand new lab install. From the pictures you can see that it was also a very small lab install! 



Training and certificates given 

As with many lab installations, there can be things that happen that are unexpected. This trip was no exception. 
Below is an excerpt from the Borody's update that they send out to friends and family; we would like to share it with you to show God's Hand in all things:

'...Thanks for your prayers this week while I was in Cazale , Haiti at Real Hope for Haiti. It was a busy week.
Travel to and from Haiti was fairly uneventful.....just a very late return last night.
The staff at the clinic were thrilled to see an empty room transformed into a functioning lab. Before this week, they had to send their patients many miles to the nearest lab, where their results would take weeks to come back. They can now do these tests on site.
A brief story of God's provision and sovereignty....
After unpacking everything the first day and starting training, I realized that I had made an error in packing one of the items that was critical for training. It is packaged in a similar way to another item, but by "accident", I packed 2 of the other items, and not the one I really needed. It could have brought the training to a complete halt...but God had other plans!
On my way to the clinic, I passed two other clinics that I have been to in the past. I knew that they would have the item I needed, and could spare it, so I was able to contact them to confirm. My hosts graciously took me back down the very rocky road to borrow what I needed to continue the training.
While I was there, I noticed an analyzer that I had installed in Oct. just sitting idle and unplugged. After further investigation, I was told that it had malfunctioned months ago, but no one let me know. I took it with me to try to fix it in my "free time" in the evening.
I worked on it for several hours, but to no avail. So, I packed it up, and prepared it for shipping with me back to the US. The next day, God prompted me to email the manufacturer to get their ideas for onsite repair. I feared that an electronic board had been damaged. They wrote me back very quickly and gave me some things to try. After a second attempt - I was successful!
I was able to return the instrument to the original lab on my way to the airport on Friday morning. It is now running well, and providing the doctors with meaningful test results...
I would never have known about these instrumentation errors and other issues if I had not made my "accidental" packing error. God knew what He was doing  - as always - to make me aware of the issues in the other labs. Thankfully, they were fairly close by to Cazale.
I amazes me how He orchestrates these "routine" installations into something much more...'


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