Tuesday, February 14, 2017

International Mission Hospital (IHDN) Wheta Ghana, West Africa.

January 26/17 James found himself boarding a flight bound for Ghana, West Africa with a team heading to International Mission Hospital in Wheta. It had been many years since WWLAB visited IMH. 

After 3 flights, and a lengthy van ride from Accra to Wheta, James was able to see the lab. His first thought was '...where is it, this looks like a closet?'. He was reassured that he was standing in the lab. 

With much creative thought, and moving of old and new equipment, a new set up was arranged to accommodate everything. 

Part of the new arrangement for the lab was the tearing down of a wall that would create a larger space for the lab staff. This new space was once the designated area for X-Ray but was never used. 

 One of the blessings of going to a new hospital/clinic is the forging of new friendships. Here is the lab staff with James.
You can imagine how 'tight a squeeze' it was in a very small room.

James with Dr. A and his wife outside of the Hospital. 

These suitcases have been many places over the years...where will they show up next? 

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