Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Busy in Haiti.

WorldWide Lab continues to reach out and help medical labs in many remote places of the world.  In the office, plenty of ordering, packing, repairing and communicating with clinics/hospitals takes place. Phone calls, Skype, FaceTime and emails aid with troubleshooting in distant places, at times, different languages can be heard as help is given.
It is fun to sit and hear all the activity that goes on at Gembrit Circle.

May and June saw both Ed and James doing new lab installs, and repeat visits to the country of Haiti.

Ed made a repeat visit to Children's Hope in Jacmel Haiti (June 14-20). They asked that he come back and help with training of new staff, and see how work in the lab was progressing. He was encouraged with both.

Traveling to remote places can be exciting. We are thankful for the many times that God has provided protection. 

Ed with staff from,Children's Hope

James also made a repeat visit to Hopital Sacre Coeur in Milot Haiti (May 2-7).  He installed a second Chemistry analyzer since they were doing so well with the first one. 

James also trained 2 med techs from the States who make frequent visit to Sacre Coeur.

James also had the opportunity to visit Danita's Children toward the end of May (21-28). This is a brand new clinic that will cater to the medical needs of children. He was asked to install and train in a new lab.

Toward the end of his trip, a young child was brought in that was very sick. This child was the first to have lab tests done at the clinic. 

There was much rejoicing and praise as blood was drawn, tests completed, and a diagnosis could be given for treatment. God is good! 

Thank you for your continued interest and investment of WorldWide LAB through your prayers and support. 

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